Sivrihisar Uluslararası Sportif Havacılık Merkezi Yeşilköy Mah. 26600 Sivrihisar / Eskişehir

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Sivrihisar Sportif Havacılık Kulübü Derneği İktisadi İşletmesi

About S.U.S.H.M.

Sivrihisar General Aviation Center (S.U.S.H.M), Necati Artan Facilities started its activities as an air park in March 2014. The establishment is founded on approximately 1000 acres of land and the land’s height above the sea level is 2790 feet. The main runway of the airpark is 1810 meters in length and 32 meters in wide. The direction of the runway is 05 to 23. Near the main runway, there is also a lawn runway for the gladers and light aircrafts. There are two apron areas as the ”West Apron” and the “East Apron”. There is FREEDOM in our airpark as long as one obeys the “aviation discipline.” In this respect, S.U.S.H.M. is the FIRST UNIQUE airpark with all these qualities. In addition to the flights of our pilots, parachute jumps, flight training activities, education and camping activities arranged by academic units, model aircraft trainings and airshows are performed in our airpark. Thus, it is a center where sportive aviation can be comfortably performed. It is also an appropriate place for parachutists and glider pilots.

Coordinates: N  39°17'59.29''  E  31°29'38.50''


M.S.Ö. Aviation Museum was constructed in Sivrihisar General Aviation Center (S.U.S.H.M), Necati Artan Facilities in 2016. In the museum, aircrafts which have contributed to the development of the world aviation and aircrafts with historical values are exhibited. Besides, informations about world aviation can be obtained. Some of the aircrafts in the museum are not only exhibited, but they are also always ready for flight. M.S.Ö. Aviation Museum is waiting for the day to meet its visitors.


In West Apron, there are several hangars as maintenance hangars and business jet hangars in which aeronautical associations take place. Technical offices and A.I.S. (Aeronautical Information Service) are also in this apron. Köken Hangar, Kılıç Hangar, Darıcı Hangar, Ekinci Hangar in which Acromach Building takes place and, Oruçoğlu Hangar in which Mach Aviation Administration Office Building and M.S.Ö. Aviation Museum take place are in the West Apron as well. This apron has 20.150 square meters of concrete grounds. In this apron, there are 5 parking areas for planes with a wing-span of 14 meters, 7 parking areas for planes with a wing-span of 11 meters, and 3 parking areas for jets with a wing-span up to 25 meters. There are also wing-binding maps in each of the parking areas.


East Apron is the show area of the Sivrihisar Airshows. O.C.C. (Operation Control Center) VIP Building and technical hangars which are functional at the moment take place in this apron. Flight Training Schools and Academical Units are in this apron as well.

This apron has 22.300 square meters of concrete grounds.