Sivrihisar Uluslararası Sportif Havacılık Merkezi Yeşilköy Mah. 26600 Sivrihisar / Eskişehir

Phone: +90 (222) 724 30 40 - 41

Fax:  +90 (222) 724 30 11

Sivrihisar Sportif Havacılık Kulübü Derneği İktisadi İşletmesi


A.I.S. is the Office where all the pilots can organize their flights, acquire meteorological information and make their flight plans.

Phone: +90 (222) 724 30 40 - 41


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S.U.S.H.M. provides hangar services for planes and helicopters. Besides, daily accommodation and landing/ departure fee are not required.

Mach Air which has served for the civil aviation sector since 1989, continues to function in the hangar which is approximately 2500 square-meters.


Fuel supplies are provided with ADR approved, TSE registered fuel tankers on the level of world standards. AVGAS/JET A-1/MOGAS fuels are provided.

   A.R.F.F. (Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting)   

S.U.S.H.M. serves with fire-fighting, aircraft rercue, fuel-supply and Follow Me services.

There are 3 fire trucks available; a tanker with a capacity of 20 ton water, a 5 ton fire truck with water and foam spray and, a 4x4 pulverized powder and foam reinforced first intervention vehicle.

   SKY CAFE   

Sky Cafe entertains its guests with its delicious menu of the world cuisine in its unique atmosphere accompanied with beautiful rhythms of music.


In the airpark, there is an infirmary with the required equipment to make the first aid in case of emergency.


Mails can be sent to for informations and requests about Flight Training Schools and Aviation Business Hangar and Office Allocation Areas.

In S.U.S.H.M. many possibilities for the General Aviation Sector can be obtained.

  • Flight Training Schools,

  • Aviation Ar-Ge (Research-Development) institutions,

  • Private plane owners,

  • Aviation companies providing maintenance services,

  • Other companies which serves for the aviation sector

can make use of this facility and its services. Besides, they can also actualize their projects and solutions about their own allocation, lease / purchase options with their privatized cooperations.

Some services are free of charge for non-commercial and sportive flights in S.U.S.H.M. Necati Artan Facilities.


For further information regarding fees for commercial flights, please contact the Aerodrome Administration through


Artan Tower which is the first mobile tower of Türkiye functions with a frequency of VHF 131,625 MHz.


4 elegantly designed rooms located within the airpark can serve up to 8 people. All of the stays include a great breakfast at the Sky Cafe. 


Please contact us for rates and availability.